The University of the Aegean (UoA) is an international research-oriented university. UoA is an inspiring, innovative, socially committed institution, embodying the concept of a ‘university- network’ operating in Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Syros, Lemnos and Athens. The Information Systems Laboratory (ISL) of the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering of UoA is a multi-disciplinary research unit conducting technology policy, research and prototyping, evaluation and life-cycle management over a wide range of application areas within the public and private sectors, at an international scale.

Digital Governance Research Centre (DGRC) is an institution of study, education, planning and implementing support modern approaches and methodologies for governance at local, national and international level. The Center, through the continuous concentration of international but also the Greek experience on mission-critical applications and services for citizens and businesses aims to direct as possible and complete dissemination of rules and methods of e-Government and the flexible application of the multitude of possibilities on the needs of public administration.

The ManyLaws Project (EU-wide Legal Text Mining using Big Data Processing Infrastructures) is a platform set up to deliver a set of services for citizens, businesses and administrations in the European Union, Austria and Greece. The Action’s overall objective is to enable access to legal information across the European Union and improve the efficacy of decision making in legislative procedures operated by public bodies.

The envisaged impact of the project relates to the establishment of Government 3.0 as a vivid scientific domain, encompassing Electronic Government, ICT-enabled Governance and Digital Government towards decision support for public value creation. The Universities will strengthen their capabilities as providers of high level education in this important area of e-government and become members of a big e-governance network. Citizens too will be benefited in the long term due to the developments coming from the knowledge produced by this partnership.

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