Marijn Janssen

Full Professor in ICT & Governance at TU Delft

Prof.dr. Marijn Janssen is Full Professor in “ICT and Governance” and head of the ICT section of the Technology, Policy and Management Faculty of Delft University of Technology.

In a survey published in 2009 in 2014 and in 216 Marijn is ranked as one of the leading researchers in e-government. He was rank by Apolitical as one of the 100 most influential people in the Digital Government in 2018 and 2019.

Marijn Janssen research is in the field of Open Government, Open Linked Data (LOD), XBRL, Cloud and Distributed-computing and Software-as-a-Service which fundamentally change the organizational landscape and influence the governance. He is particularly interested in situations in which multiple public and private organizations want to collaborate, in which ICT plays an enabling role, socio-technical solutions are constrained by organizational realities and political wishes, and there are various ways to proceed. More information: