Interoperability Academy as an enabler for advanced digital skills

June 30, 2021 from 10:20 to 10:40

Speaker: Victoria Kalogirou, Georges Lobo, European Commission, Belgium

This presentation will be an opportunity to understand the basics and discover new courses, which support the development of skills and competences needed to establish efficient digital interoperable public services. Briefly, the presentation will:

  • provide examples of the current courses and how these can help you in your everyday work and better career opportunities.
  • give an overview of the training offer that would prompt participants to offer feedback on existing Interoperability Academy’s activities,
  • encourage participants to complete the interoperability courses in order to enhance their advanced digital skills. This is important to continuously improve the quality of course offering and ensure that the best learning experience is delivered to current and future learners.

What you will hear in this session?

  • What is Interoperability Academy? How is related with EU Academy portal of European Commission?
  • How is related to advanced digital skills in Public Sector?
  • Do you want to understand interoperability essentials?
  • What are the kick off courses to get you start with?
  • How the proposed European framework for interoperability skills and competences (EFISC) that can be applied to public sector administrations?